Sunday, May 1, 2011

Plenty of activity

Just home from a warm (20ºC!) Sunday afternoon stroll by the Rideau River, where we weren't the only ones. People on their own, in pairs, or in families were jogging, running, cycling and roller-blading along the trail, overtaking the fast walkers, the slow walkers and the dog walkers. A young woman was taking photos of the geese from the river bank. On the grass, people were throwing frisbees back and forth or playing impromptu games of badminton. Games of soccer, too, a lively multiracial group of under-fives making up one of the teams, all dressed in the appropriate clothing. Maybe it was someone's birthday party. The tennis courts in Stanley Park in full use and a couple of young men were taking turns to score "baskets" through the nearby hoop.

The willow trees are all in leaf now, including the horizontal ones blown over last week. I hardly need to add that it suddenly looks and feels as if summer's here.

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