Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frog or toad?

I forgot to mention the creature I nearly trod upon at the far end of the Minto Bridges the other evening. It was either a frog or a toad, I'm not sure which, a dark skinned one, too swollen with eggs to attempt a quick getaway. Apparently there are opportunities to monitor the frogs and toads of Ontario and the Frogwatch website encourage participants to keep their ears open for the noises made by these species. (When we moved to Canada and first heard the local fauna we could hardly believe our ears.)

We haven't yet heard any frogs calling, this year. Any day now perhaps, although we may miss them by flying to China. In the lake called Xi Hu, close to where we'll be staying, I dare say there are even larger and more vociferous frogs and toads.

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