Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upper Duck Island

In the Ottawa River near Rockcliffe airport are three islands: Kettle Island—the possible, controversial site of a future interprovincial bridge, which might be the subject of another blogpost—and the Upper and Lower Duck Islands, swampy wooded areas which are likely to remain untouched.

We always overfly these islands in the circuit for Runway 27 at the airport, crossing Upper Duck Island on the base leg, as a rule.
Upper Duck Island as seen on the final approach to Runway 27 at CYRO
Upper Duck Island from ground level
Once we'd landed today after a flight back from Mont Laurier, we stretched our legs with another walk on the Ottawa River trail, going east this time, which gave us a lovely view of the tip of Upper Duck Island from ground level as well. The red smudges in the picture are the twigs of dogwood bushes growing by the shore.

Note the blue sky for Easter Sunday!

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