Thursday, April 21, 2011

The ever changing colour of the river

One evening last week we saw a summery sunset glow in the river beyond the Minto Bridges, although the ambient temperature wasn't at all summery. The river looked red again after nightfall last night, heavy clouds hanging so low in the sky that they reflected the light from the city. As the clouds began to lift, the water became more silvery. By daylight, the river has looked greyish brown all week from the rainwater.  It looks blue again this afternoon, the weather clearing up for the start of the Easter weekend.

I must admit that I haven't given much thought to our local rivers these past few days because I have been imagining one much further east, the Qiantang River that flows through Hangzhou where we're arranging to stay for four weeks in May and June. Our hotel room, apparently, boasts a "river view" which is going to be very different from our view from the Bordeleau Park in Ottawa; that's certain: "Escape to the Club Lounge on the 16th floor of the hotel," says the blurb, "where you can enjoy new levels in personal service. Marvel at panoramic views of the river while enjoying a delicious cup of tea or an exotic cocktail."

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