Saturday, February 22, 2014

Coming soon: white water rafting through the city!

The national capital region has a huge amount of potential that could be far better exploited by the tourism industry, if people put their minds to it. The Ottawa River is a good example of this under-use of natural resources, but maybe things are about to change. CBC Ottawa announced this week that this summer there will be a new attraction in town. Wilderness Tours, a white water rafting company that normally operates from much further upstream, near Cobden,
Ottawa River with the city ahead, from the Remic Rapids
below Bate Island, spring 2013
will begin offering tours down the Ottawa River right in the heart of the nation's capital beginning in June [...] The company has been given permission to take customers downstream through the Des ChĂȘnes and Remic Rapids from Britannia to Lemieux Island, just west of Chaudiere Island.
It sounds like a good idea that will especially appeal to visitors from elsewhere in Canada or from overseas, because:
... tour guides will also inform participants about aboriginal, fur and lumber trade history [...] "You're not just being told about the history of the Ottawa river. You're experiencing it for yourself."

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