Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An ice-breaking party

Nancy and John invited us and all the other neighbours on Cathcart Street to an impromptu party last weekend, which we very much enjoyed. The wording of the invitation was topical, referring to the icebreaking operations on the Rideau River that will start in a week or two and which several of our neighbours will be able to observe all day long from their homes. The dynamite blasts will certainly rattle our homes, as they do every year. And apparently I'm not the only person who worries about the effect this also has on the local wildlife.

The invitation, including a picture of the demolition team in their orange jackets at work by the river, read as follows:

It's almost that time again.
The boys will soon be on the river playing with their toys and making lots of noise.
That means it's time for our own ice-breaking party where we start to say goodbye to winter and say hello to each other after a long season of semi-hibernation.
Join us [...] for beer, wine, sherry and snacks ... 

A nice idea, John and Nancy! Thanks.

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