Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunset over the museum

This picture was taken on June 30th (the evening before Canada Day) is a view of the Ottawa River and Musée des Civilisations in Gatineau from Parliament Hill on the Ottawa bank. The view from The Hill is always worth seeing. In the distance are the Gatineau Hills.

At present an exhibition at the museum, called Portés par le Fleuve (Moving with the River) shows the history of another great Canadian river, the St. Lawrence, with which the Ottawa River eventually merges.
"The exhibition retraces the river’s historic path with the Iroquois' thousand-year presence on the land, Franco-Aboriginal alliances, growth of a French settlement in the St. Lawrence Valley and multi-ethnic European immigration for which Québec served as a gateway."
The exhibition is on until March 2014.

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