Monday, April 16, 2012

Low water

The water flow to the lower reaches of the Rideau must have been regulated last week, because its surface level was very low. Rocks and debris that we don't usually see were exposed to view. Three kayaks were out on the river on Saturday, each one containing two paddlers: a risky activity, because if anyone were to fall in at this time of year, the coldness of the water would be hard to survive for long.

The River's Daily Mean Flow is measured and monitored.

Spring seems early this year though. I have already seen swallows near the Ottawa River.

I assume the Rideau Canal through Ottawa is about to be filled in preparation for the summer boats and for the Tulip Festival next month. Talking of the Canal and of festivals, there'll be a Rideau Canal Festival again this August, with flotillas, a Bike Parade and an "Environment Fair."

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