Sunday, April 29, 2012

By the river on wheels

Green grass and willow trees by the Rideau,
between our house and the Minto Bridges
Cyclists and walkers are out in force today, everyone desperate for the sunshine after last week's cold, grey days, I assume. I'm glad to see so many parents teaching young children to ride their own little bikes along the paths. Chris and I have just come home from a short bike ride ourselves, following the trail by the Rideau River to the Hurdman corner and back, with a detour to the Rideau Falls where the viewing terrace is presently inaccessible, sealed off by a fence. I hope that means some reconstruction of the site will be happening soon.

Further upstream near the rapids between Strathcona Park and the Vanier park we sat on a bench watching the ducks, geese and people go by and enjoying the sparkle on the water. The trees are all turning green now (with catkins on the birches and bright red blossom on the maples) and there are many dandelions flowering in the green grass. We day-dreamed about cycling all the way to Kingston which at a pace of three or four hours cycling a day would take three or four days, depending on how strong we felt.

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