Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Somebody read this blog!

The author of Wild. Here. nature in your neighbourhood mentioned in one of her recent posts (also drawing attention to other like-minded, local bloggers) that she has read my River Diary and seems to like it! Thanks, Katherine.
Alison Hobbs has created a thoughtful and observant journal of life by a river or actually a confluence of rivers both those here in the city and some in her travels.  She offers a very detailed account throughout the seasons and provides personal and current commentary interspersed with photos including aerial ones!  She talks about city development, aurora borealis sightings, city events, wildlife, geological details, snowshoeing, biking and occasional boating outings also.  It's great that the archives are still up and available to read as it includes a total of 238 posts!
So now, 239 posts. I think it is time I resurrected the diary / blog and added further posts, because our rivers continue to flow, and what happens in, on, or around them continues to change and catch my eye. An obvious example is this season's Mìwàte sound and light show at Ottawa's Chaudière Falls, happening every evening from 6:30pm until November 5th. We have not been to see it, yet.

It would have been really dramatic to run the show in early May, when we had tremendous floods at this spot, but it was obviously too dangerous then.

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  1. So glad you saw my post! Very happy to feature the blog and so wonderful you want to continue! : )

    p.s. great point regarding Miwate - very worthwhile - glad there is wonderful educational display also regarding the history of the area.