Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Senseless rowing"

This is the clever title of a new blog being created by Dean Pucsek (previously mentioned here) who hopes to compete in the 2016 Paralympics as an oarsman and who's presently training daily at the Ottawa Rowing Club and on the Ottawa River. His description of what it's like to attempt this with impaired vision starts as follows:
Picture this, it’s 5:00 AM and you just arrived at the boathouse for your morning row. Getting out of the passenger seat you see small orbs of light floating mid-air, that must be the boathouse. As you walk towards the floating orbs you start to see other shapes, what are they? Likely the boathouse. Closer still, you can see a door under an orb. Yep, this is the boathouse. As you go around the front of the boathouse you see more floating orbs and hope the path to what you think are your team mates is clear. As you get closer to your suspected team mates you can hear voices that you recognize—nailed it. [...]
I am posting a link to Dean's blog from this site, so that I can follow his progress.

Good luck to him!

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