Friday, August 9, 2013

On the Mississippi

Mississippi River, Ontario, from the air
No, not that Mississippi, but the one in Ontario that flows into the Ottawa River at Fitzroy Harbour, northwest of the capital. We had a leisurely drive through Carleton Place and Almonte yesterday, both of which towns lie on the banks of this river. We also came close to Pakenham, where the river narrows again, further downstream. My aerial photo was taken over that area earlier this week, showing the Ottawa River in the distance.

In the other direction, southwest of Carleton Place, the Mississippi flows into the town from a sizeable lake: Lake Mississippi.

There's a curved weir in Carleton Place near the site of a former mill and Almonte / Mississippi Mills has a whole series of waterfalls (the river drops 65 feet on its way through the town) as well as its own textile mills. In fact it used to be known as The Manchester of the North. A new board walk with fences, steps and bridges, right beside the rapids, makes an impressive addition to the central part of the town.

The waterfalls below Bridge Street, Almonte
In Carleton Place as well as Almonte you can sit at patio tables belonging to restaurants on the banks of the Mississippi. The main through road, in both towns, is called Bridge Street. I wonder who copied whom.

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