Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another heron

It's been a cloudy day followed by a grey evening, which deepens the shades of green along the river. After sitting on the seat in the park by the reinstalled, floating boat launch dock, and watching the fluff from the poplar trees drift by, we walked along the bank a little way and passed very close to where a heron was patiently waiting for fish. We'd previously seen the bird land on the branch of a riverside tree, flying low across the water and gliding into the tree very gracefully. It stood very still as we came close, perhaps feeling that if it didn't move, we wouldn't notice it. There was a mother duck, further along, with five ducklings. I'm afraid one of the ducklings might become the heron's supper, one of these days. Long and thin though the heron's neck is, it can easily swallow a duckling whole.

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