Thursday, May 23, 2013

"On the water at last!"

Au Feel de l'Eau posted a status update on Facebook, I see. It says:
Photo from
Enfin sur l'eau, sur notre belle rivière des Outaouais, en route pour les quai du casinos. 17 mai 2013
Au Feel de L'Eau is Ottawa's and Gatineau's water taxi company that not only offers a short ferry ride across the Ottawa River from the Rideau Canal locks to the Museum of Civilisation, but also private cruises on the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers for parties of up to 10 people. They advertise the boat as being "electric powered" and therefore causing "zero pollution" and no noise either. I intend to sail on this boat this summer. She's called "Bes" after the Egyptian God of pleasure.

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