Friday, April 19, 2013

Rushing water

Yesterday morning I caught a glimpse of the Hog's Back Falls as a friend drove me past it on the Colonel By Drive: a magnificent sight, the water rushing in full spate over the falls and drowning the islands in the stretch of river below, so that the bottoms of all their tree trunks are submerged.

Yesterday evening I saw the Rideau Falls in a similar state, the churned up river water the colour of dark ale as it surges over the lip of the falls. The hydroelectric station there is having some major alterations done, it seems, and the park's being re-landscaped, much of the area presently sealed off.

Construction work on the Minto Bridges, on the other hand, has now come to a halt, with renovations of the western most bridge apparently complete and the metalwork repainted, so the bridges are finally accessible to traffic and pedestrians again, only (!) 4 months behind schedule. Presumably they'll start work on the other two bridges later on.

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