Monday, August 13, 2012

Ferry me over!

I cannot get to my love if I would dee 
The waters of Tyne run between him and me 
And here I must stand with a tear in my ee 
Both sighing and sickly, my true love to see 

Oh where is the boatman, my bonny hinney? 
Oh where is the boatman? Bring him to me! 
To ferry me over the Tyne to my honey 
Or skull him across that rough river to me.  

Oh bring me a boatman, I'll give any money
And you for your trouble rewarded shall be
To carry me over the Tyne to my honey
And I will remember the boatman and thee.

The Ottawa River is not the Tyne, but there's probably just as much need for a ferryman here between Ottawa and Gatineau to carry the lovers or the tourists across to one side of the river or the other. Today we finally saw proof that such a service has begun to exist and I'm very glad to advertise it here on my blog. The skipper (who comes from Worthing, in England) told us that he and his associates at Au Feel de L'Eau had been lobbying the National Capital Commission for several years to allow their Aqua Taxi service and that this year permission was finally granted, especially because the boat being used is an electricity powered vessel which doesn't pollute the river. Every evening after a longer than normal journey via Lac Leamy its batteries are recharged at the Gatineau Casino and for $20 you can take that ride. Normally, however, the water taxi simply operates between the dock next to the Rideau Canal locks below Parliament Hill and the Museum of Civilisation on the opposite bank. That short ride that costs just $5 will save you a couple of kilometres' walk across the Alexandra Bridge. Up to 10 people can come on board at once.

Here is some more information about the service.

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