Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby trees, baby geese

I've been cycling several times across the Minto Bridges this week (which could do with some repairs) and have noticed that New Edinburgh has a large number of saplings recently planted in its park, some of them already flowering. In future years, the pathway through blossoming Amelanchier branches is going to make a very pretty approach to the river from Stanley Avenue.

A Bike Rodeo is planned for tomorrow where children aged 4-10 can meet at the New Edinburgh Fieldhouse to decorate their bikes and learn to ride safely. At the end of the afternoon there'll be a bike parade! Fifteen years ago, the citizens of New Edinburgh waged a Parks not Pavement protest to protect their green space from developers and in the morning tomorrow a commemorative walk is going to take place to celebrate the legacy of the city planning advocate Jane Jacobs.

On my ride across the Minto Bridges just now, I passed the first brood of goslings that I've seen this year. They were being guarded by both parents, on Maple Island.

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