Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crossing the river by 'plane

Precipitation to the west, looking towards Arnprior
Up there, the views are different. Yesterday's flight was particularly awe-inspiring because of the unusual atmospheric conditions, rising moisture from the city forming swathes of mist and the sun low in the sky casting its rays through a grey overcast; intermittent winter showers were blowing in from the west down the Ottawa Valley. On the ground it was calm; a few hundred feet AGL the upper winds began to be noticeable. You can see the effect of the wind sheer on the plume of steam from the Kruger tissue mill (beyond the Alexandra Bridge) in these pictures.

Ottawa and Gatineau on a winter's afternoon
After I had come down to earth, my husband took another, better photographer (Chuck Clark) flying as well, by which time we were experiencing the full splendour of a winter sunset. The pictures he took are sensational.

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